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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006:

Me and Jeremy Clark just got back from the Langerado festival in Sunrise. We went to see The Black Crowes. It was my 31st Crowes show and as fun as ever. I danced around like a fool, of course.Unfortunately we got there too late to see G. Love & Special Sauce play - so we blew some time at the Sawgrass Mills mall before the Crowes played. We were optimistic about going into the Gameworks arcade, but in the end were disappointed by the experience. They didn't have good games. They were mainly large racing games. There weren't any games older than 10 years in the room. Zero classic arcade games. Luckily we found a few pinball machines that kept us happy.If I ever strike it rich, my "fun" business that I'd like to run on the side is a kick-ass, old-style, pizzeria/video arcade. Like Showbiz Pizza from my childhood, without the animal band (and with a better jukebox). It would have some cool newer games, but would have rows and rows of all of the classic machines. How fun would that be?


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